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Cruise ship, maybe “The Love Boat”

Hard Time

Several days before my wife and I were planning to leave for our Alaskan cruise, she sent me an article full of advice for people going on their first such trip. One of the items on the list was to buy a cheap watch and set it for ship time, which is usually different from local time wherever the ship happens to be, and certainly different from the time where you came from. For someone like me, who has trouble remembering what year it is, much less what month, I figured that was good advice.

See, when cruise ships dock at stops along their route, they evidently announce when they plan to sail away again, and passengers are expected to get back on the boat before it leaves. The captain apparently doesn’t stand around and make sure everyone is back before he hoists the anchor and shoves off. This must be where the phrase ‘don’t miss the boat’ comes from. I guess I’ve wasted all the time I spent learning about cruises by watching old episodes of The Love Boat.



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