Historic Mason County Courthouse burns

Fire ravages historic Mason County Courthouse believed to be due to arson last week.

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Historic Mason County Courthouse burns

My friend, Russell Smith, once wrote that San Angelo used to be a rather ‘innocent’ town, until a murder took place there back in, I think, the 1980s. Russell’s contention was that the murder changed the town, and the way the people of San Angelo viewed the world. He was probably right, considering his long experience as a law enforcement officer. And now I’m wondering if the same kind of thing will happen to Mason, after the events of last week.

Devil’s Sinkhole celebrates 50 years of designation as National Natural Landmark

In 1971, thanks to recommendations from the recent First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, President Nixon’s Interior Department created a group of new National Natural Landmarks in Texas. At the top of Lady Bird’s list of recommendations and the top of the resulting list in 1971 was the Devil’s Sinkhole State Natural Area!

Devil’s Sinkhole annual meeting and fundraiser needs

The annual Devil’s Sinkhole meeting will be held Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 6 p.m. at the visitors center, but mostly by Microsoft Teams and FaceTime. The biggest need for the meeting is someone to complete the second year of the vice president’s term. They will discuss the general organizational health and the plans for the big 50th year, but the main business of the annual meeting is always reestablishing the board of directors. There are nine current directors, serving two-year terms. Four terms are up this year and five will be up next year. They have the half term vacancy as well this year.


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