Pray for rain!

Recent rains and snow have been a blessing for the area. A few weeks ago some county residents received around 2” of rain and some 5-7” of snow causing the ground to still be pretty wet. After a long dry spell, it was a welcome relief from the dust.

Prepare for more illegals coming

A local land owner’s game camera captured this photo of a travelling illegal looking for some corn to parch for food. In our lingo, ‘Corn Nuts.”

Prepare for more illegals coming

According to posts on Facebook last week from the US Border Patrol Del Rio Sector page, “agents have rescued over 260 people, a 400% increase over the previous year. Illegal border crossers are often ill prepared for the terrain and weather they encounter and end up lost or injured. They then require aid to avoid tragic outcomes.”

Kiki Hilliard

Kiki Hilliard

Kiki Hilliard, local RHS senior varsity basketball player may soon be signing her National Letter of Intent to play basketball on the college level. Good luck to this young woman! Kiki is the daughter of Devon Hilliard of CA and daughter and granddaughter of Lisa and Maria Vasquez of Rocksprings.


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