First District game for Angoras to be played this Friday

2020 Angora coaches (top row) Manuel Salinas, Eddie Walker, Sean Berry, Ron Ellis, John Peña and Richard Trujillo, Angoras (top row l-r) #3 Christian Montoya, #84 Rayundo Ruiz, #8 Cebasstian Viera, #4 Axel Segura, #21Adrian Mata, #10 Jay Magana,(middle row l-r) #60 Ranon Ramirez, #66 Kyle Sanders, #63 Roberto Rivas, Jon-Mycheal Kirkland, Ralph Sifuentes, Isacc Menchaca, #74 Dorien Enriquez,# Leondro Gonzales, #75 Damon Bounds, #54 Alex Hyde, #55 Jerimiah Wilson, (bottom row l-r) #24 Beau Hernandez, #20 Jake Parks-Franco, #35 Tap Shanklin, #57 Jacob Palacio, #65 Austin Barerra, #59 Jadon Dobbins, #2 Jace Hendley, #33 Stephen Franco, #72 Ethan Hyde, #51 Jesus Menchaca, #7 Tucker Shanklin, #5 Ty Hendley and #11 Wendell Epperson. Photo by Bailey Christian Studios

First District game for Angoras to be played this Friday

The Angoras play their first district game this Friday night against the Christoval Cougars. The Cougars are ranked no. 8 statewide overall in the 2A Division II and have a 4-1 record before district play.

Here’s the current on hunting season shindigs...

2020 has so far been a year of cancellations and coming up with clever accommodations to continue on with necessary happenings. Unfortunately, it’s carrying over into hunting season. Not to worry, though, because some cherished annual events are still planned to take place, just by very different means. For example, The 24th Annual Divide School Wild Game Dinner still take place on Friday, November 6th but will be ‘drive-thru’ style and the raffle drawings will be held via Facebook Live. The Nueces Canyon Chamber of Commerce will also continue their annual Hunters Roundup in the same style as always and this will go down on Saturday, October 31st. The Edwards County


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