Oh, glorious rain!

Oh, glorious rain!

Siblings Eden and Emily are excited to receive some rain in Rocksprings, no matter how little was received. .22” fell in town Monday afternoon. These are the children of Ana Hurtado and Jose Watanabe. Photo courtesy Ana Hurtado

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Darrell Volkmann

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In June of this year, Slick Rock Challenge’s championship spurs were presented to the PBR winner in honor of longtime Edwards County Fair Association volunteers Dick and Vicki Soll. Dick died this past week. Soll was also honored for his commitment to mountaineering and horsemanship when he was chosen for the cover of the Western Horseman magazine, 50th anniversary edition, February 1986.

Volkmann announces candidacy for Sheriff as write-in

My name is Darrell Volkmann or just Darrell as most people know me. I am a candidate for the office of Sheriff in Edwards County, State of Texas in the November 2020 General Election. I will have to run as a “write in candidate”, so those who choose to vote for me will have to write my name, Darrell Volkmann, on the ballot.

Be mindful of working ranches

With the onset of coronavirus, Texas has seen a mass exodus of people from larger cities to small towns and rural areas. For Edwards County the majority of people have been coming from the Houston area. People are escaping crowds and small spaces. Perhaps anymore it isn’t all just to do with the virus. With forced shut-ins and shut-downs I think people took a liking to some peace and quiet and decided to expand on that and make it more familiar.

Edwards County Horse Club concludes summer playday series

Horse Club President Kristin Shanklin and crew put on an incredible 4 playday series. This large crowd of cowboys and cowgirls included kids from Rocksprings/Edwards County as well as out of town folks.

Edwards County Horse Club concludes summer playday series

Edwards County Horse Club hosted a 4 play day series in July 2020. The entire series was a great success! There were various levels of riders in every age group, but everyone had the same goal... to enjoy their time in the arena. Beginners were able to go at their own comfortable pace and even get some tips and help from the more experienced. Some riders were working with a new horse, and they too found opportunities to improve their horsemanship over the series. Everyone, no matter the skill level of horse or rider, seemed to have great experiences throughout the series.


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