From Vision to Legacy: A Grand Celebration

What is a library? When I was growing up, like many of you, it was an often overwhelming room or building of wall to wall books where you must be intentionally silent while searching, reading, and using the resources. There was a school library that most parents never entered. And, in the center of town, there was a public library, which most considered the “adult library” that was rarely visited by children. Except, of course, for the few children that visited during the occasional planned story time. I remember thinking that the public library was where I would go when I grew up. I got older, but I never made that transition to visiting the public library in my hometown often.

Because of the vision that began 20 years ago here in Rocksprings, our students, families, and patrons have the unique opportunity to build a totally different relationship with the library and its resources, programs, and services that will last a lifetime. Today, most school libraries still have little parent involvement and most public libraries, especially in smaller communities, are desperate for more families and patrons of all ages to become involved. The dwindling resources for both of these entities threatens the very existence of libraries in many places. But, NOT HERE! Our library is thriving, growing, and serving new people all the time.


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