Salary Grievance Committee selected in Commissioners Court

The Edwards County Commissioners Court held a regular monthly meeting this past foggy Tuesday morning at the courthouse. County Judge Souli Shanklin, Commissioner William Epperson (Precinct 1), Commissioner Lee Sweeten (Precinct 2), Commissioner Matt Fry (Precinct 3) and Commissioner Kenneth Reed (Precinct 4) were all in attendance, and this was Reed’s first meeting since being elected to represent Precinct 4. Reed also said the prayer after the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Speaking in the open forum portion of the meeting was county resident O.D. Anderson. Anderson spoke in regard to county road easements and wanted to know how wide an easement should be in order for county road equipment to appropriately maintain the roads. His concern is that some fences may be built in the right of way, too close to the road, and suggested that the roads have wider easements. Judge Shanklin responded by saying that any new county roads will have a standard easement, but old road easements already deeded will not be changed. He also noted that widening old easements is a form of “taking” and landowners would likely not be thrilled with that. Anderson and the court discussed the topic in some detail before moving on.


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