No bids received for county road dept. truck

The Edwards County Commissioners’ Court regularly scheduled meeting was held on Tuesday, March 14th at 9 a.m. The meeting was called to order by Judge Souli Shanklin and the roll was called by Olga Lydia Reyes, District and County Clerk. All commissioners were present. Judge Shanklin led the Pledge of Allegiance and Commissioner Epperson gave the opening prayer. No one spoke during open forum.

Commissioner Sweeten requested that Milton Martin, Administrative liaison to the Road Department, provide the commissioners with a “state of the department” report. Mr. Martin stated that he is currently working on having a regularly scheduled safety meeting for the road hands, an inventory of current equipment and maintenance of existing equipment. Currently there are no maintenance records. This is not an indication that maintenance was not done, simply that it was not recorded. Sweeten asked Mr. Martin to prepare a list of purchases made versus what we have on hand as he believes some items may have been disposed of such as tools, chain saws, etc. In discussion of maintenance issues, Fry stated that as a result of having sufficient road hands, the vehicles are being used on a regular basis creating more maintenance breakdowns.


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