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The Brady Hyde family got a rather ‘too up close and personal’ visit with a brown bear in a tree in their front yard early Tuesday morning.

Invasive Carrizo Cane encroaching Nueces and Frio Canyon river areas

Invasive plant species are not native to a region and can cause harm to that specific ecosystem by consuming resources and choking out native plants. The impacts of invasive species are far-reaching and can cost billions of dollars to eliminate or control. There are many invasive plant species across Texas inflicting widespread destruction to our native plants both aquatic and on land.

In the Frio Canyon and Nueces Canyon areas, arundo donax, also known as Carrizo Cane, is beginning to take root. This highly invasive, non-native grass generally grows along water ways, streams, creeks and rivers.

Arundo affects water quality and quantity. It displaces native plants thereby destabilizing banks and contributing to erosion. Being highly flammable and waxy, it increases fire risk. Last, but not least, other invasive species and feral hogs like to hide in the canes.



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