Hot, dry summer has scorpions in South, Central Texas heading indoor

Paul Schattenberg, 210-859-5752, paschattenberg@ SAN ANTONIO – With rising Texas summer temperatures, humans aren’t the only life forms trying to find a cooler place. “There have been a lot of calls coming into the office recently from residents of San Antonio and from surrounding counties about scorpions,” said Molly Keck,

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service entomologist, Bexar County. Scorpions don’t seem to like either very cold or very hot temperatures, Keck said. And during hot, dry weather, they may seek out water and/or a more hospitable environment. Scorpions can typically be found under rocks, paving stones, logs or landscaping materials — or hiding in wood piles or inside the home. “We’ve had two or three wetter, more moderate summers in a row, but this year we’re getting more of the weather people tend to expect when they think of summer in southern and central parts of Texas,” Keck said


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