Don’t cuddle the cows!

Marceala Gonzales and her record breaking Bucklehead.

 Don’t cuddle the cows!

The yoga alpaca.

Don’t cuddle the cows!

Longtime readers may remember a column I wrote a couple of years ago about goat yoga. Which would probably be worth watching, if it was the actual goats doing the actual yoga. Unfortunately, goat yoga is a thing where people go to a farm and pay actual US currency to be allowed to lie down in pens with baby goats, and let the goats walk all over them. I’m thinking it’s something in the water, because normal people don’t act like that.

But lest you think goat yoga is the dumbest idea you’ve ever heard, let me disabuse you of that notion pronto. Because earlier this year I wrote an entirely different column about alpaca yoga. There’s a place in England called Rosebud Alpacas, where the owners, Nick and Lucy Aylett, raise alpacas. And if you’re vague on what alpacas are, they seem to be sort of uppity llamas, as near as I can tell. Sort of high end goats, or something.

There are evidently a lot of English folks with way too much disposable income and also way too much time on their hands, who like yoga and don’t mind scandalizing alpacas when they practice it. I’m still a little foggy on exactly what yoga is, and I’d very much appreciate it if no one filled me in on that. All I know is it appears to be the kind of thing my gym teacher, Mrs. Bode, used to try to get us to do in second grade during PE class.


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