American flag has 244 years of history

Officially Established in 1777

Happy Birthday, Old Glory. 244 never looked so good.

This year marks the 244th anniversary of the establishment of the official American flag, which was created by an act of the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. The admission of new states, and a surprisingly vague design pattern of the flag, have led to numerous changes since.

Exactly when the Stars and Stripes was created is a matter of debate, but one thing is clear – it is highly unlikely that Betsy Ross had anything to do with it. According to the legend, Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress, was approached by a committee headed by George Washington to create a new banner for the colonies. She allegedly came up with the familiar blue background that envelopes the stars, then only thirteen, or one for each colony.

One of her grandsons went public with the story in 1870, and it quickly became part of American lore. However, many scholars have disputed the legend, citing a lack of historical record of any contact between Ross and Washington.




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